Jim Wallis interviewed by John Stewart on the Daily Show

25 01 2008

Jim Wallis was interviewed on the Daily Show by John Stewart. Promoting his book, The Great Awakening, Wallis was well quizzed by Stewart who took the book and the issues seriously asking some excellent probing questions, which were responded to well.

Wallis has picked up here on what is the post-modern desire for experiential truth and relevance to our daily lives.This was highlighted for me when Stewart asked a good question regarding the danger of an evanglical left replacing the evangelical right. Wallis’s response was telling. “The country isn’t hungry for a Religious Left to replace a Religious Right. They don’t want to go Left or Right, they want to go deeper, to a moral center.”

The man definitely offers food for thought – you can see the video here (unfortunately the embedding code wouldn’t fly). Special thanks to Friendly Athiest for putting me onto this.




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